Welcome to tanti.org.uk

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Welcome to tanti.org.uk

The personal website for Owen and Felicia Campbell

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Most of the content on our site is available without an account but some of the family tree material is private.

If you think you may be related to us and would like full access to the family tree, please use the 'Contact Us' link to send us a message and we'll set everything up for you.

If you're looking for Owen in a professional capacity, you might want to visit his company's website at www.empiria.co.uk


Previous Accounts

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As you may have noticed, we've given the site a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring across the details for any accounts that existed on the old version of the site. If you had an account with us previously, please get in touch (use the 'Contact Us' link) and we'll create a new account for you.

All the old family tree content is still here, we've just upgraded the way in which it's presented!!